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20131123 The Next 100 Million Americans



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This is the book about future. More exactly – what we can expect in 2050 when demographic projections point to 100 million more people living America then 300 million living now. In short, the expectation is that America is radically transformed, but the American creed, which includes rejection of fatalism and hierarchy, while supporting individual freedom, will be prospering as never before. The discussion goes along demographic lines and here are the main points:

Additional 100 million will come from immigrant and minorities with proportion of original WASP population going down. The important feature is American openness for all humanity regardless of small staff like race, nation, and religion. Everybody can become an American and be perceived as such by everybody else. An interesting point is that overall world population will stabilized or even go down, while American will keep growing.

Cities will remain entry points and suburbs will remain core America where mature native-born Americans, well Americanized successful immigrants, and minorities will wield increasing political and economic power. Los Angeles model with small downtown and huge suburbia will expand around the country, but with significantly better communication and transportation amenities supporting economic main activities which will also move to suburbia. America would become an archipelago of villages where people not only sleep, but also work, get entertained, and spent most time of their lives enjoying plenty of space, nature, and security.

In short the future is bright and we can expect the great improvement in American life pretty much as it always was before.

I mainly agreed with this evaluation because I think that the great growth of power of bureaucracy and politicians that occurred over last 100 years is about bump head on into Americans’ well being and deep cultural believes with, in my opinion, inevitable outcome of significant decrease of this power and conversion of great many bureaucrats and politicians into productive members of society.

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