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WIWLIKE – The World I would like to live in

This would be the world only slightly different from the one I actually live in. It would be populated by the same types of people that this world is populated – good, bad, and ugly. There will be no new men or women with better looks or better smarts or better hearts. There would be lots of new technology, but it would be just extension of currently existing technology with all its benefits and downsides because I, as everybody else, could not possibly know what kind of technology is just around the corner.

What would be different is that all these people would not have to work for living, but neither would they have guarantied income to receive for nothing. I believe that getting something for nothing is deeply damaging to human beings. It does the same to one’s brain that watching TV and playing computer games without actual exercise does to one’s body – atrophies it.

In my world all people would have unalienable, equal, and marketable rights for natural resources. So some people would buy these rights, produce goods and services using these natural resources and get rich producing and selling them. Consequently producing a lot and being rich would allow them to use a lot and enjoy themselves more then other people. On other hand some other people who are not productive in using natural resources would just sell their rights and buy necessary goods and services.

So in my world everybody will be on the market with the logic of supply and demand defining who get what and how much. If prices for rights will go down it would become beneficial for people to use their rights to buy property and produce goods for themselves even if they are not really effective. Conversely if price for rights goes up, only the most effective people will be producing goods and services for everybody and in exchange enjoy use of more natural resources for themselves than their share.

In my world producers of information and knowledge in whatever form – either arts or inventions or whatever else will not have exclusive rights for their use. Everybody will be able to use digital copies of all information and will have to pay the same % of income for its use. The actual producers would get something in proportion to use of their creations. Technologically it would not be that difficult to collect this information and it would make no difference for users since they would pay fixed share of income for everything.

In my world the violent organization of government would have very limited power – just to prevent violence, retaliate if prevention failed, and assure that everything that belongs to other people is paid for including rights for use of resources. It would also collect and distribute information about transactions between individuals in the past. However no violent redistribution would be allowed or necessary.

In my world where necessary amount of goods and services procured from sales of rights, the process of sale and search for bargain would make people exercised enough to avoid deadly for human spirit nothing-doing-ness of welfare. I suspect that this constant need for sales activity will make people capable and inclined to do other things not for the living, but for the joy of doing.

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