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Problems and Solutions

THE PROBLEM:Even since the beginning of market economy the big problem were people who had nothing to sell but their labor and had no other resources to live on. Up until recent time this problem was more or less successfully managed via economic expansion when for every job lost due to new machines another job was created even if with different skill set requirements. It was not a perfect solution because quite often people without marketable skills and abilities were left out and had to be either eliminated through starvation and poor living conditions or, in later and nicer times, provided with resources via welfare system. Another even bigger part of welfare system – big bureaucratic governments was used to provide for more capable, educated, and therefore dangerous people with well paying jobs that did not produce anything with market value in it. Due to the automation we are quickly moving to the end of this rope. It is conceivable that the only human labor still required would be labor of entrepreneur designing and implementing new goods and services either material or non material like new knowledge and entertainment. The shifting of majority of population away from market into welfare misery or bureaucratic boredom would not do the trick because human beings designed to strive for improvement of their life and welfare and bureaucratic existence would not provide opportunity for this. Besides, based on economic history of XX century it is quite obvious that only real functioning market allows for effective resource allocation and generation. The bureaucratic / welfare majority due to its parasitic character would inevitably lead to decrease in resource availability and consequently to society destruction.

HERE IS MY SOLUTION: https://freeind.com/problems-and-solutions/voluntary-exchange-solution/

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