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The Key Ideas

All individuals should be equal before law and have equal rights for all natural resources and all knowledge accumulated by humanity.

All resources should be private property of individuals, but use of natural resources in excess of average amount should be conditioned on rights purchase from individuals who use less then average.

All acquisition and exchange of goods and services should be voluntary, that is using market mechanism and without violence including violence of wealth redistribution by government.

All collectives either corporations, or voluntary organizations, or governments should be treated for what they are – conduits for actions of individuals who are in control of these collectives, rather then thinking and acting entities superior to individuals – which they are not.

The role of government, that is hierarchically organized group of politicians and bureaucrats in control of overwhelming machinery of violence, should be limited to prevention of violence against members of society, retaliation if such violence occurred, and collection and distribution of information to support decision-making by individuals. Politicians and bureaucrats should not be able make any decisions outside of these limits. 


  1. cousin says:

    Can you explain to me in greater detail this expression?

    “All resources should be private property of individuals, but use of natural resources in excess of average amount should be conditioned on rights purchase from individuals who use less then average”.

    Concretely – how will determine the average level of consumption of resources and who?
    Will it be possible to trust these data?

    And also – do you mean that resources would be privately owned, but will retain the rights of those who consume less resources?
    But how?
    Or I misunderstood something?

  2. Anonymous says:

    If person A owns 10 acres of land this person has title for 10 acres of land If another person B has 4 acres of land, this person has title for 4 acres of land. It is just a matter of record as well as math that average is 7 acres. This statistic is calculated on the regular basis. In this case person A should buy rights to use 3 acres from person B. Multiply this by millions of population and you get market for selling and buying rights for land.

    By the same pattern if person A flying to Europe every month for vacation and another person is sitting at home all the time it is easy calculate what is average number of miles had been used per person. This is obviously use of natural resources and therefore high flying person would have to buy right to use miles from sitting at home person. In this case market will balance needs of productive people versus needs of unproductive without interference of Bureaucrats and Politicians (BUPs). If lots of people would not work the rights would be cheap and these people would not be able to get a lot for them, and at some point it would be better for them just start working using resources themselves and price of resources will go up.

  3. cousin says:

    But who will have the data for statistics?
    I guess it goes to a central site , I think.

    And it is so subjectively .

    Furthermore .
    The man who owns the resources must agree to pay for those who have less of these resources .
    That is, here come the rules.
    Which are carried out by force.

    So once again the Bureaucrat climbs .

  4. SB says:

    Bureaucrats collect statistics, that what they are for. By the way it is not subjective if limited to numbers. If one person has title for 10 acres of land and another for 1 acre it is not subjective.
    On you other question – the property is not possible without force. You own something only because nobody can take it from you either because you are strong enough or because there is police which will protect you. Which means that if you accepted that everybody have equal rights for natural resources, the guy with 10 acres will be forced to buy rights for more then average. However who he will buy it from and at which price will depend on the market.Bureaucrats wil have only statistical function and use force to assure that transaction occures or in other words that guy with 10 acres would not steal other guy’s equal rights for natural resources.
    By the way current system includes property tax which is just robbery by bureaucrats and politicians who decide how much loot they can get from you. Not really that diffeerent from mafia.

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