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20130210 – Reasons

I am starting this blog because I need a place to express my ideas and hopefully to find people who would be interested in them. These ideas are about philosophy, economics, politics, work of society, and similar things that I was interested in since I was a small child a very long time ago. As far as I know these ideas not trivial so I would appreciate any meaningful feedback.

My views are not right and not left, but in main libertarian. The main disagreement that I have with libertarian point of view is in relation to private property. The great libertarian thinkers properly see it as the foundation of free society, but accept its existing allocation as given, unchangeable, and sacred. I am, on other hand, see it as just a temporary arrangement easily changeable by force applied legally or illegally. Their aim was to prove that it would be the best for society if property remains sacred and all transaction are conducted voluntary without government interference. In their views it would provide the best outcome for everybody because people with resources will always need labor of people without resources and therefore lively exchange beneficial for everybody will take place. I believe that with expanding level of automation people with resources will need less and less labor from people without resources, all the way to the point when there is no demand for labor whatsoever. My solution is to provide unalienable and marketable private property rights for natural resources to everybody and only after that allow Laissezfaire free market economy to sort things out.

Other two mainstream-political movements tend to support and promote Welfare State either in form of private charity (conservatives) or state controlled wealth redistribution (liberals), which in my view is deeply destructive for human individuals depriving them of ability to search, strive for better life, fail and/or succeed-the only staff of life that actually provide for happiness.